Data & AI Inception Workshop

Data & AI Inception Workshop provides your Data & AI projects to reach targeted success.

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VNGRS' Data & AI Inception Workshop is designed to review a company's current situations from a Data & AI point of view, collaborating with company stakeholders to determine the analytical cases that will contribute most to the company.

The Inception Workshop creates a roadmap by prioritizing these cases chosen together. After prioritization, VNGRS provides technology selection and clarification consultancy to prepare the Data & AI processes for implementation.

Why do companies need Data & AI Inception Workshop?

1. Data-Oriented Business Strategy

Companies face three main problems when implementing their Data and AI projects and initiatives. VNGRS' Data & AI Inception Workshop is aimed at helping you start a project with the right technical and commercial strategy.

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Holistic Approach Deficit

  • Not leveraging data to shape corporate strategy
  • Not having a data-based culture
  • Not building a strategy by considering data
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    Biased Decision Making

  • Not planning the initial step correctly
  • Focusing on actions that will attract
    the most attention
  • Not consulting the data when making
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    Prioritizing the Wrong Use Cases

  • Prioritizing the wrong use cases because
    the big picture is not seen
  • Suffering business-wise due to wrong use
    case prioritization
  • Insufficient infrastructure and MLOps
    process affect choosing the incorrect use case
  • 2. Right Planning & Roadmap

    There are six crucial phases to every successful Data & AI project. The first two phases are the most important ones, as they lay out the foundation of the project and ensure that it is born with a detailed plan that will lead it to success.
    The Data & AI Inception Workshop can help by creating a roadmap to guide you to take all the right actions throughout the initial and further phases.

    6 Phases of Data Journey for a Successful Use Case

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    Data & AI Inception Workshop

    Review & Reassess Data-driven Business Strategy

    VNGRS reviews your business strategies & culture and provides new improvement suggestions with a data-driven perspective. VNGRS helps you create a data-driven business strategy with complete alignment.

    Use Case Generation

    In line with business strategy and needs, we determine analytical & machine-learning use-cases that will enable you to differentiate in the market and achieve your goals.

    Assessment & Use Case Selection

    VNGRS evaluates use cases according to an evaluation template. VNGRS and Customer work together to determine the most important use-cases.

    Data Assessment

    VNGRS measures your company’s data in terms of size, quality, value, and processing competence and presents you with a summary of the situation.

    Business Value Assessment

    The business value is determined in detail for each selected use case. For each use case, value cards are created and presented visually.

    Roadmap & Prioritization Outcomes

    VNGRS determines time schedules for the selected use cases and prepares a roadmap according to these schedules.

    Infrastructure & Technology Phase

    The infrastructure phase consists of technology & platform selection and process clarification of selected use cases.

    Data & AI Inception Workshop Target Audience

     All companies that have data or willing to collect data

     Want to make a difference in the market

     Want to determine data driven strategy and use case

     Want to reduce costs and increase revenue by improving their efficiency

    Data & AI Inception Workshop Benefits

    Begin Your Journey

    Data & AI Inception Workshop provides awareness of your company's data strategy, value, quality, and competence. Moreover, this workshop determines the use-cases and roadmap that will make your company stand out from the competition. Contact us via the link below to create value from data.

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